Squirrels usually have 2 litters per year. The first litter is usually born between February and April, the second around August and September. Squirrels primarily eat acorns, but will eat bird seed, insects, fruits, green shoots, and other nuts. Squirrels are most active during the daylight hours.

Squirrels pose a particular problem for home owners. They get in attics, down chimneys and can dig in flower beds. The best preventative to nuisance squirrels is general home maintenance. Keep trees trimmed away from the house, branches hanging over the house allow squirrels access to the roof and attic areas. Seal up any holes found around the trim of the roof. Make sure you have a good fitting, properly maintained chimney cap to keep squirrels from getting in the chimney. Sprinkle cayenne pepper in flower beds to keep squirrels from digging.

To keep squirrels out of trees around your home requires some work. First make sure no branches from other trees are within 8 feet from the tree you are trying to exclude the squirrel from, then fasten sheet metal around the trunk of the tree that is at least 4 feet above the ground and at least 3 feet wide, this will keep the squirrel from climbing the trunk or jumping over the metal. Do not nail the metal to the tree as this may damage the tree. Special care should be taken to make sure no squirrel nests are in the tree.

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